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Real Estate and Personal Property Assessment

How to Pay Your Taxes. 

Assessor's Office 

The Assessor is who assesses your property taxes, based on fair market value and industry standards. 

Real estate is re-assessed generally every two years by appraisers in the Assessor's Office. Property owners are notified via mail of changes in assessment. If you have a question regarding your real estate assessment, please contact the Stone County Assessor, (417) 357-6145. 

Personal property is assessed annually on what is owned as of January 1st. Assessment lists are mailed out to properly registered property owners in January, with those lists being due completed and returned to the Stone County Assessor's Office by March 1st. 

For personal property acquired after January 1st, or for corrections that need to be made to your assessment list, you will need to first report to the Stone County Assessor, (417) 357-6141,  in order to file for a waiver (statement of no taxes due) or to obtain a court order (to correct or update your assessment). 

County Clerk's Office 

The County Clerk processes court orders prepared by the Assessor’s office to correct assessment errors or to add property that may not yet have been assessed. 

Collector of Revenue's Office 

The Collector of Revenue is responsible for collection of tax payments.