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Liquor License

Stone County requires that you purchase a county liquor license at the time you receive your Missouri State Liquor License. 

For your convenience, you may choose 1 of the following methods to obtain a Stone County License.

  1. When you receive your state license you may mail a copy of it, with a check to match the amount you paid for the state license, to the County Clerk’s Office. Your county license is completed from the information on the state license.  Your county license will be mailed to you with a receipt the next day after we receive it. DO NOT send your original state license to the county. Send only copies.
  2. You may also visit our office on the third floor of the historical courthouse, located in the center of Galena Square to have them done on the spot while you wait, if you prefer, and we welcome you to do so.

One check / Money Order for multiple licenses is preferred rather than one for each as the State requires.

We will be glad to accommodate you any way that we can. If you have questions you may call Peggy at 417-357-6127, or e-mail her at and she will be happy to assist you.

Mail your correspondence to:

Stone County Clerk 
Liquor License
PO Box 45 
Galena, Mo 65656

For more information, you can also visit: