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Tax Levy Rates

The County Clerk is responsible for tracking tax rates for all real estate and personal property in the various political subdivisions (i.e., school districts, cities, fire protection districts, and other special districts) within the County. 

Every year after receiving the current year's certified assessed county valuation from the Assessor in June, the County Clerk is charged by law to compile a tax book. It is the clerk's duty to apply the levies set by each political subdivision and certified by the state auditor to the current year's assessed valuation. This is called extending the tax book. The tax book is then given to the County Collector and the collector is charged with collecting that amount of tax dollars for each political subdivsion. This process is completed in the month of September so the collector can send the tax statements out in a timely manner.

Tax rates are multiplied by your property's assessed valuation to result in your estimated tax liability (excluding any penalties, processing fees, or late fees).

Download the Tax Rate Schedule for 2019